Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hashgacha Pratis- G-d's hand in your life

Hashgacha Pratis, or Divine Providence, refers to G-d's supervision and governance of every action and aspect of the world in which we live. Here is an example. I'll try to post them as I see them-- I'd love to hear yours!

Right before lunch, I was invited to a business call at 2 pm. I'm working from home, and I went upstairs to eat a late lunch while doing a brief bit of non-business work on my home computer. One of my mother's friends sent me a link to this really great Rosh Hashanah song:

I got caught up in listening to it, and then I wanted to listen to all their songs, because one of the things I've been thinking about lately is how much I enjoy music, but I'd really like to have more Jewish pop music to listen to-- if I'm going to goof off, at least it can have some sort of a purpose. After I'd watched all The Ein Prat Fountainheads videos, and revisited Candlelight by The Maccabeats, and Ya'alili by 8th Day, I gasped-- it was 2:10 and I was late for the call!! I ran downstairs to make the call, and found an email by my colleague telling me he'd had to reschedule the call until Thursday morning. I didn't miss a thing!! I have to wonder if the same thing would have happened had I not been pursuing something that was elevating to my soul, as well as my body. Baruch Hashem (blessed is G-d)!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

One of Those Rare Days

Today we put up kosher mezuzot on all our doorways (all 17 of them!!)!! We threw a party and our friends hung out and noshed, FFB (Frum from Birth) and kiruv families and people at all different points on our path, as we sanctified our home and protected everyone within its walls with our filfillment of this mitzvah. I think, in some still quiet moments, that I can actually feel the extra holiness, and it spills out through my eyes as tears. I have no idea what my husband is thinking as he's sitting beside me watching television. I'm guessing he 1) is wondering if I've lost it or 2) knows I've lost it and is no longer surprised by that and loves me anyway!

It is such an amazing feeling - I think I remember feeling this way the first time I recited the blessing of taking challah in my own kitchen. I pray that as I continue to work on my connection to G-d I will feel liks this more and more.

Thank you to every one of my teachers and friends, wherever you are on this path. I hope that when Moshiach comes and you get an accounting of your deeds, you will get to see the part you have played in all my growth.