Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oy Vey!

Almost two months has passed since my last post? How can that be??!! It feels like the holidays just happened. This time-passage thing is a bit off-putting. I hope everyone's holidays were joyful and the new year is beginning with a renewed sense of what is important in life.

I guess I've been engrossed with house renovations, roof repairs, and fertility endeavors. Any one of which could make a person crazy. With all three-- maybe that's how 2 months passes without any blogging.

One of the biggest things that has happened in the meantime was our Jewish Women's Renaissance Project weekend with Lori Palatnik. We brought her in from DC for a Shabbat weekend of learning and community. It brought Israel back for all of us who were there. For those who were not, I hope it gave them the desire to continue learning and gain joy from their journey. We have decided to make the Women's Conference an annual project, and are in the process of blowing it up to (hopefully, with G-d's blessings) be a major event.

I'll be back blogging more about what I am learning. I think so many of the concepts transcend religious boundaries- concepts of how to be a giver, how to handle life's tests, how to not give in to the voice of negativity. I promise two months won't go by silently again.


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