Friday, December 4, 2009

Adventures in Pareveland

Pareve, those foodstuffs that are neither milk, nor meat, have always for me been relegated to the realm of savory. Side dishes with veggies, salads, challah, when requested to bring a pareve dish I have always gone salty. When having to go to the sweet side, I stop by one of our grocery stores and pick up something my husband and I generally refer to as "kosher kryptonite." Those cakes and cookies that have a decidedly dense texture, sitting in your stomach like a lump of lead. Other alternatives are equally distasteful- fresh fruit (BORING...), sorbet, soy or rice ice cream... all those things that seem like such a compromise. Hubby also does not like cooked fruit, so all pies, tarts, etc are also out.

This Shabbat we are having Friday dinner with some friends, and I was requested to bring a pareve dessert. I initially thought, "I guess I'll pick up some cupcakes or brownies..." and then I thought, "No. I can do better. There has to be something out there. Observant Jewish women all around the world make Shabbos with meat, and they can't all have cr@ppy dessert. I have to at least try."

So I find myself this morning making "Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Terrine." Thanks to Susie Fishbein and Kosher Cooking by Design. My first foray into pareve whipping cream and margarine in the glaze. Please, Hashem, make this taste good, so my husband gets a reward for being willing to tolerate a dessert made pareve when he has no obligation to.


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