Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Blog Launch

Well, I've blogged as MeanMommyDoc, I've blogged as cheeseguysgirl. Now I'm blogging as me. Not as a doc with a purpose, not as cheeseguy's better (?) half, but as my sometimes crazy, sometimes stubborn, sometimes ranting, sometimes joyful, sometimes obsessive self.

Here is where I don't have to filter. I can say what I want, and I will.

This is inspired by my upcoming trip to Israel. I wanted a forum where I could blog about the experience, post photos and thoughts. It is going to be a heavy trip, and I need a place to process it. MeanMommyDoc isn't it-- that's really where I talk about parenting. CheeseGuy isn't it-- that's all about food, not politics and spirituality.

This is it. My new frontier. I hope my friends and family will follow this and still be... well, my friends and family.


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