Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breaking us down

By noon today, I felt grosser than I have possibly ever felt in my entire life. We woke up with minimal sleep, thanks to some chatty people who would not hush despite (not kidding here) at least 20 shushings. We drove to Masada and reached it around 6 am. So much for sunrise atop Masada. We hit sunrise on the way. we climbed up the Roman ramp and began touring. I am only good for so much information absorption, and by the time we were still touring at 9 am, I was done. It was hot, it was sunny, all my water was warm, and I was trying hard to stay positive. Really, really hard. I have decided despite what ayhurveda says, I am only interested in drinking cold or at least cool water. Didn't get any food until close to 9:30 am, and most of you know how I get when I don't eat. We didn't leave Masada until 10:30, and by that time I was a broken woman. I have never felt more like I wanted to shed my skin.

Second part to come. It does get better (in a good way), I promise. I just have to go.

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